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    Should You Repair or Replace a Roof?

    By Carla French Davis | October 30, 2023

    One of the most important elements of any home is the roof. The roof is the first line of defense in protecting the home from weather-related issues, such as wind, fire, and rain. Overtime, the constant abuse can take its toll, and your roof will require some attention .But how do you know if you... Read More

    By O'Keefe Graham | March 16, 2023

    Is It Really Better To Rent Than To Own a Home Right Now? You may have seen reports in the news recently saying it’s better to rent right now than it is to own your home. But before you let that impact your decisions, you should understand what these claims are based on. A lot of... Read More

    By O'Keefe Graham | March 16, 2023

    An Expert Gives You Clarity in Today’s Housing Market The housing market has been going through shifts lately. That’s why it’s so important to work with an industry professional who can be your guide throughout the process. A real estate expert uses their knowledge of what’s really happening with home prices, housing supply, expert projections, and more... Read More

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